Sublimation Program

Sublimation is a printing process by which full-colour designs are printed onto paper and then transferred to high-performance polyester using heat and pressure. The designed fabric is then cut and sewn into garments in which artwork can be displayed on the fronts, backs, sleeves, and collars.

Benefits of dye sublimation:

  • Unlimited colour uses and design placement
  • Complete customization and personalization
  • No added texture - the feel of designs is undisguisable from the fabric itself
  • Durability - No fading and cracking
  • High-resolution designs capability
  • Small minimum order quantity requirements
  • No setup fees



Pick out items from our collection and send us your artwork and ideas! Our in-house graphic team will put those together to create unique and creative looks that will cater to each team and club.

Looking for a specific fit or a sport not currently in our lineup? Not to worry, we also offer pattern-making to develop a design just for you!


    Concentrated dyes are printed onto rolls of transfer paper using specific inkjet printers.


      The transfer paper with the designs is funneled together with polyester fabric through a machine that applies heat and pressure. During this step, the dye becomes a gas and is absorbed by the adjacent polyester effectively transferring the designs from paper to fabric. The design becomes one with the fabric and is permanently embedded into the fibers.


        The printed fabric rolls are then cut into panels using advanced laser cutting. This allows for precision and speed.


          Our team of expert tailors then assemble the cut panels into the finished garments. With sublimation, we have to pay extra attention to lining up all of the printed artwork.

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