About Us

Gabe Clothing is a family owned Canadian company that has been manufacturing clothes since 1999. Producing high quality and reliable garments for our fellow North American brands has been our main source of pride.

We decided it was finally time to create our own clothing brand by building on top of years of experience in designing, cutting, and sewing high quality garments.

Our collection is entirely made at our factory located in Toronto, to ensure for ethically made and sustainable fashion. By developing and shipping clothes under one roof, we believe we can make a small impact in the clothing industry towards a more eco-friendly approach. 

Our clothes are constructed from local materials such as organic cotton and bamboo that provides the upmost comfort, durability, and performance.

We use a unique automatic cutting system that allows for precise cutting of our designs and patterns, which are then put together by our professional tailors. We believe in fair trade and creating quality working environment for our employees.

Our goal is to create the comfiest clothes in the world, while protecting the environment and economy. By merging our designs, sustainable materials, and state-of-the-art factory, we hope to create clothes that not only feel good, but also allow you to feel good about wearing them.

 Ali & Dung