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The Case for Using French Terry Fabric: Comfort, Style, and Versatility

Why French Terry is Becoming Popular

What’s behind the hype of French Terry? The fabric is popping up everywhere and having its own Madonna moment in the fashion industry. Those who love French Terry, really love French Terry. And premium style brands like Mr. Porter are championing the material as a wardrobe essential.

For good reason. With everyday wear trending towards less formality - soft and comfortable clothing that doesn’t compromise style is in more demand than ever. French terry is a fabric which suits this trend perfectly.

It has unique properties which make it an ideal choice for casual clothing, activewear, and loungewear. We’ll delve into those properties and explore why French Terry is emerging as such a desirable fabric choice for hoodies and other blank apparel, as well as offer some tips for when you should choose French Terry for your clothing designs.

What is French Terry?

French Terry is a knitted fabric with distinctive construction. It features a smooth surface on the outside and a soft, looped texture on the inside. This combination of textures provides exceptional comfort and feel, making it awesome for casual and activewear.

One of the most notable benefits of French Terry fabric is its moisture-wicking property. Thanks to the looped texture on the inside, it can absorb and release moisture, keeping the wearer dry. This feature makes French Terry a great option for activewear.

The all-season versatility of French Terry fabric is another factor that contributes to its popularity. It offers natural insulation, making it suitable for cooler temperatures, while its breathability ensures comfort during warmer months. This adaptability allows brands to expand their product offerings by designing on clothing blanks that can be worn throughout the year.

In terms of customization, French Terry fabric can easily be dyed, printed onto, or embroidered. Its compatibility with various design techniques enables clothing brands to produce eye-catching garments that showcase a unique brand identity.

French Terry is highly versatile, making it a great choice for clothing blanks. 


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Properties of French Terry Fabrics

Construction and Composition

French terry is foremost differentiated by technique. Like Fleece and Flannel, high-quality French Terry is usually made from Cotton. French terry is characterized by a distinctive looped structure on one side, which provides added texture and softness. The loops also create tiny pockets of air, enhancing the fabric's breathability and insulation.

French terry can be made from a mix of fibers, including cotton, polyester, and rayon. The combination of materials can vary, resulting in different levels of softness, stretch, and durability. We choose to use 100% organic cotton, because we believe it offers the best comfort and texture for wearers.

Breathability and Moisture-Wicking Capabilities

French terry is highly breathable, making it an excellent choice for active wear or warmer climates. The fabric also possesses moisture-wicking properties, helping to keep you dry and comfortable by drawing sweat away from the skin.

Durability and Ease of Care

French terry is known for its durability, often holding up well through multiple washes and regular wear. The fabric is also low-maintenance, typically requiring only simple washing and drying techniques.

Stretch and Flexibility

The natural stretchiness of French terry makes it a popular choice for clothing that requires flexibility and ease of movement, including athleticwear and homewear. 

The Advantages of French Terry Blanks

Unrivaled Comfort and Softness

  • The main reason to choose French Terry fabric for your clothing blanks is the unmatched comfort it provides. This fabric is characterized by its unique looped texture on the inside and smooth finish on the outside, offering a plush and cozy feel against the skin. This softness is not only appreciated by customers, but it also adds a sense of luxury to your clothing line, setting your brand apart from competitors.

All-Season Versatility

  • French Terry fabric's adaptability to various weather conditions makes it an excellent choice for all-season clothing blanks. Its natural insulation ensures that it keeps the wearer warm in colder temperatures, while its breathability ensures that it remains comfortable during warmer months. This versatility allows you to produce clothing items that can be worn year-round, thereby expanding the versatility of your product offerings and enabling year round sales.
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Easy to Customize

  • The smooth exterior of French Terry fabric provides a great canvas for your brand's logo, designs, and patterns. French Terry is compatible with a variety printing techniques, including screen printing, heat transfer, and embroidery. Additionally, French Terry fabric can be easily dyed, enabling you to offer a wide range of colors and styles to your customers. 

Durability and Easy Maintenance

  • French Terry fabric is known for its durability, which translates into a longer-lasting product for your customers. This material is also low-maintenance and easy to care for, as it can be machine-washed and tumble-dried without losing its shape or softness. This ease of care is a selling point for many customers, as it simplifies their clothing maintenance routine.


When to Opt for French Terry: Ideal Moments for Clothing Brands to Make the Switch

Knowing when to choose French Terry for your clothing blanks will help your brand diversify its offerings. Introducing a French Terry at the right time can help you cater to customers evolving tastes or elevate the impact of a new product offering.

One example, is if your brand is looking to expand its product range into loungewear or atheleisure. With comfort and functionality being especially important to these kinds of customers, French Terry’s softness and flexibility can help your products stand out in these categories.

Another ideal time to choose French Terry is if you're planning a rebrand or seeking to differentiate your products from competitors. Incorporating French Terry into your clothing blanks can signal a commitment to quality and comfort, setting your brand apart when you’re trying to differentiate yourself in a crowded market.

Additionally, if your brand is exploring collaborations with influencers or celebrities, choosing French Terry can add an extra layer of appeal. High-profile figures prioritize comfort and style, making French Terry the ultimate choice for limited-edition capsule collections.

The Absolute Delight of a French Terry Hoodie

If the casual wardrobes have a staple, it certainly has to be the hoodie. The hoodie is easy to pair and unpretentious. But its main value proposition is comfort. 

French Terry has become growingly fabric popular in hoodies because it offers a unique kind of comfort. The loopback structure of French terry provides a plush, comfortable feel, While its mix of breathability and insulation mean they can be worn in both cold and warm weather. This enables the French Terry Hoodie to serve as a fashion piece and wardrobe staple, rather serve strictly has functional coldwear.

For a perfect example of a stylish and comfortable French terry hoodie, check out this blank white side panel hoodie.

Sustainability and Eco-friendliness of French Terry Fabrics

French terry fabrics can be both sustainable and eco-friendly, depending on the materials used and manufacturing practices:

  1. Organic cotton and other eco-friendly materials: Some French terry fabrics are made with organic cotton or other sustainable materials, reducing their environmental impact.
  2. Ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices: Manufacturers can adopt responsible practices to minimize waste and resource consumption, as well as ensure fair labor conditions.

All Gabe Clothing is made in Canada and Produced with 100% organic cotton.


The unique qualities and benefits of French Terry Fabrics make them an ideal choice for a variety of clothing items, particularly hoodies and other blank apparel. Their comfort, style, and versatility have made them increasingly popular among both consumers and clothing brands. Clothing brands should consider sourcing French terry blanks to take advantage of the fabric's growing popularity and provide high-quality, comfortable garments that customers will love.

Choosing French Terry fabric for your clothing blanks can help your brand develop a reputation for unparalleled comfort, all-season versatility, sustainability, and durability. Helping you set your clothes apart from the competition. 

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